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I am Brandon Ahmaud

Peace, my name is Brandon Ahmaud, formerly known as content creator BTHYSELF.

For nearly two decades of my life I spent consuming acidic foods such as meat, dairy, soy, and alcohol. My ignorance was out of this world! I was constantly dealing with lackluster energy, colds, harsh coughs, and built up mucus. It wasn’t until December 29th, 2015 that I decided to follow Dr Sebi’s nutritional guide. I first started through a process of Fasting on liquids only. If I got hungry or drained on the journey, I would only resort to foods listed on the guide and sessions of meditation. I managed to go 15 days straight consuming herbal teas infused with sea moss. Shortly after, I no longer craved for acidic foods and beverages. 


The start of the journey was very empowering. I was able to decline FREE food offered at home and work.  From that instant, I realized I didn’t have control of my life until then. I also realized that, prior to this journey, I was celebrating everything but a better me.

The mission is to continue spreading knowledge within the Black Community left behind from our Ancestors. Follow me on this path of being a teacher, and student. For we are always in the process of learning and applying information beneficial to our lives.

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Follow me on this path of being a teacher and student.

Thanks for submitting! I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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